Wonder Channel


Exhibition of new video work from SMFA advanced video students

April 3-4, 2012

(Boston, MA), March 20, 2012- Fourth Wall Project is pleased to announce “WONDER CHANNEL,” a group exhibition of new video work from School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (SMFA) students. This two-day exhibition features innovative and contemporary digital imagery and installation practices by artists in SMFA’s Advanced Digital Imaging for Video + Installation course.

Taking its cue from the overabundance of stimuli present in today’s culture, “WONDER CHANNEL” serves up fourteen unique perspectives in video format. The varied works of “WONDER CHANNEL” take a hard and sometimes humorous look at myth, desire, marginalized identities, mixed-race culture, human connections, our relationship with technology and our use of natural resources through video collage, “hyperreal” scenarios, gaming and the construction of organic environments.

Exhibiting artists include: Cindy Sherman Bishop, Amanda Bonaiuto, David Flicker Brown, Jeremy Cimafonte, Bug Davidson, Jill Fisher, Kate Gilbert, Jasmine Higbee, Nyle Genevieve, Kim Kaliski, Tim Mearini, Stephen St. Francis Decky, K. Tyler, Ali White and Sam White. With their SMFA faculty Mary Ellen Strom and video studio manager James Dingle, the artists request your presence and participation in the showing of their new work.

Exhibition dates: Tuesday and Wednesday, April 3-4, 2012, 12-6 pm

Opening reception: Tuesday, April 3, 6-8 pm

Location: 132 Brookline Ave., Boston, MA (near Fenway Station, MBTA ­­Green Line)

Visit http://vimeo.com/wonderchannel to learn more about the artists and view video clips.

For images, contact James Dingle at jdingle@smfa.edu or 617-369-3672.

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