Courtney Moy @ Toscaninni’s

Our friends at Toscaninni’s(Central Square) donated a wall for us to curate. The owners, Gus and Mimi are huge supporters of the arts, but also make what the NY Times has dubbed – “The Best Ice Cream In The World.”

The current installation there is artwork by Courtney Moy.

In her own words:

In my work I am investigating my own take on what it is to be American through my own experience and familiarity with food. I grew up on the borderline of two cultures and two diets. The dichotomy between my Chinese and American cultures has become a consuming interest in my work. My work is more than a mish mash of Chinese and English, in a way it’s become a response to my own broken English, to growing up in Boston, and to everyone for feeding me. This series of work brings together my love of process, printmaking, drawing, and food.

Photos Credit: Marissa Benjamin

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