Opening Nov 10, 2012

Gigi Bio Online

Fear No Art 4 Official Site

Gigi Bio has an incredible eye for capturing The Moment in her photographs, illustrations, collages.   She is able to allow the viewer to lose themselves and discover their own visual journey  filled with eye candy, emotion, and a fresh perspective on life, love, graffiti, and anything else Gigi chooses
to take on.

In the artist’s own words:

My view of the world is a product of the past colliding with the present. I am inspired by the streets, architecture, graffiti, and life. I aim to expose the emotional side of the city streets pushing the final image to abstraction & juxtaposing a new view of the world. I use the organic nature of graffiti to drive the flow & mass layering in my work. I see the world like a writer’s tag, full of life and organic movement. In my eyes, graffiti exists all around us in reflections, shadows and buildings. My work is a reflection of life in the streets. Each piece represents a world full of ambition, energy and movement. I aim to recreate the world through multiple perspectives captured in various time frames. I encourage the viewer how to fully experience the environment by creating a sense of extreme awareness of the world, to appreciate beauty in the mundane and find order in chaos. My artwork is greatly inspired by the world, but hidden between the layers is a narrative of life.




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