Opening Nov 10, 2012

Problak Online

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Rob Gibbs aka PROBLAK has been a prolific artist, educator and mentor in the Boston area for the past several decades.  As one of the founding forces of Artists For Humanity, Problak created economic opportunity for thousands of at risk youth through the arts and created a new model of how non-profits can bridge enterprise and youth empowerment.   As a painter, his body of work ranges from innumerable community murals to refined, soulful canvas works.    He continues to be an inspiration to the gallery, bodega and other artists through his evolving body of work.

Problak’s latest body of work, “Small Change,” deals with how we perceive value. The value of our time, life and the perception of women- how they can be treasured in one sense as a “Dime Piece” but then objectified  by sayings like “A dime a dozen”.
Here are words from the man himself about his latest body of work “SMALL CHANGE”.

“The phrase, ‘a little goes a long way’, inspired this body of work. I think the average person can easily overlook how change can quickly accumulate. When change comes together, it’s value and power matches it’s weight in a variety of ways–especially in our consumer culture. This collection showcases some change I earned over time. I wanted to remix the value of what we accumulate and probably overlook everyday. Please enjoy the “EP” to my upcoming show. I hope you get to walk away with a small change in your point of view” Grow on flow on.”–Problak


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